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10 Dec 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Since 2005, the Chinese dietary supplement industry has been on the upswing, with the product demand growing on a continuous basis. The market size of the industry is expected to grow from USD 30.21 billion in 2013 to reach the USD 34.73 billion mark by 2018. In the offing, China’s dietary supplement market is expected to become more open for foreign investors.

With respect to the production scale and distributive channels, China’s dietary supplement industry is still in the earlier stage of the development compared to American and European markets. Additionally, there are few large-size enterprises in China, as well as few enterprises achieve economies of scale. 

Comprehensive market research report “In-depth Research and Forecast of China’s Dietary Supplement (Health Food) Industry, 2014-2018” worked out by Huidian Research is devoted to an in-depth analysis and forecast of the Chinese dietary supplement market. It describes the policy, economic and social environment of the industry; examines the present-day status of the industry, including an analysis of the demand, distribution channels of dietary supplements, factors influencing the development of the domestic dietary supplement sector, key problems and challenges existing in the industry. The report reviews the actual status of the development of the dietary supplement industry in China’s leading provinces, including a review of the development situation of the dietary supplement industry in Taiwan. The research publication delves into a detailed analysis of top 9 enterprises operating in the field. Additionally, the study describes the important characteristics of the country’s consumer demand, offers a detailed analysis of exports and imports of dietary supplements, besides shedding light on key investment opportunities and major risks in the marketplace.

Report Details:

In-depth Research and Forecast of China’s Dietary Supplement (Health Food) Industry, 2014-2018
Published: November, 2014
Pages: 98 
Price: US$ 2,100.00

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