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Functional Food and Drinks Sector Assessed and Forecast by Canadean in In-demand Research Study Published at MarketPublishers.com

01 Dec 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – In the aftermath of stringent regulations, Europe has grown into the global centre of functional food and beverages clinical studies, with Japan remaining by far the hub for functional innovations. The USA is a major market for lifestyle health goods, and the country boats of having the greatest number of consumers of functional food and drinks.

With the increasing quality of clinical evidence supporting health-giving claims, more accurate segmentation of target audiences for functional goods will likely occur. Moreover, there is expected the rise of tension in whether goods are marketed as being more ‘scientific’ or more natural or a hybrid.

Health is not always a basic consideration when consumers come to choose what food and drinks to purchase; other motives are more critical, meaning buyers will likely select an unhealthy product in case it satisfies their needs better. Even where there is clear and sharp clinical evidence that a product or ingredient can enhance health effects, the functional benefit may be better positioned as a solution for busy or changing lifestyles, or even simply as expression of individualism.

Topical market research report “The Future of Functional Food and Drinks - successful product positioning and claims” worked out by Canadean presents a detailed analysis of the dynamics of the global functional food and drinks marketplace. The study examines the present-day state of the regulatory landscape in the leading markets and the implications for the functional food and drinks sector, enabling to monitor its development on a long-term horizon. The study provides in-depth market segmentation, gives an assessment of consumers’ behaviour, reviews the economic environment, and looks at the demography, as well as investigates the emerging opportunities in the functional food and drinks markets. The research publication provide a discussion of the consumer landscape, identifies the key trends in the functional food and drinks market, as well as looks into the future of the market by providing detailed forecasts.

Report Details:

The Future of Functional Food and Drinks - successful product positioning and claims
Published: May, 2014 
Pages: 89
Price: US$ 7,995.00

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