US Shale Gas Sector Analysed by Kuick Research in Discounted Market Study Published at

20 Nov 2014 • by Natalie Aster
US Shale Gas Sector Analysed by Kuick Research in Discounted Market Study Published at

LONDON – Together with the technical advancements that have helped access large and previously unattainable natural gas reserves and the productive capacity in the industry, there has been elevated interest in the US shale gas industry, on the exploration and production side. Over the past year, there have been a great many multi-billion dollar shale gas development deals. Local and global firms have manifested interest in the industry that boasts of having huge potential. During 2008-2012, the country witnessed investments of about USD 130 billion in shale gas and tight oil projects and close to a fifth of these rose from abroad through JVs.

The prospects for shale gas production are very promising, however, there are important aspects of ambiguity with respect to the economics and size of this resource. Furthermore, the majority of shale gas well drillings have been recent, and this leads to anxieties and significant uncertainty pertaining to their long term productivity. Though there have been achievements regarding the development of the technology for drilling and completing natural gas wells, there is uncertainty in the future direction of the technology, which would enable the USA to substantially curtail production costs and boost well productivity.

Discounted study “US Shale Gas Industry Analysis” drawn up by Kuick Research provides a comprehensive overview of the shale gas sector in the USA. It covers a variety of aspects, including an analysis of the value chain, drilling & development, production & processing, and distribution issues. The report further examines the country’s 14 shale gas reserves (technical and recoverable) by location.  It gives essential information on investments in shale gas exploration & production, and offers an in-depth analysis of the domestic shale gas production. The research publication presents an all-round analysis of the market dynamics, covering major drivers, challenges and growth opportunities. A number of regulatory aspects, such as government support, policy & regulations, and institutions, are reviewed as well. Additionally, the report examines the competitive landscape alongside discussing the top 10 industry players, as well as provides the future outlook for the national shale gas development.

Report Details:

US Shale Gas Industry Analysis
Published: November, 2014  
Pages: 96 
Price: US$ 1,800.00 US$ 1,440.00

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