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14 Nov 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Family businesses in the developed world increasingly use the resources of wealth management companies to address the respective burning issues like financial planning and strategy, business strategy, and expansion advisory. Wealth managers assist the progress of family firms in developed geographies and are increasingly taking on enormous importance in family businesses. Meantime, the demand for such kind of services is lower in emerging nations as families there choose to limit the entry of outsiders in their businesses. In the next few years, family firms in developing countries will likely grow considerably in wealth and volume terms. Also, as a soaring number of firms venture upon their 2nd or 3rd generations, the likelihood of family arguments is anticipated to surge. Consequently, the majority of wealth management firms are establishing bases in these emerging countries, on the threshold of growing demand for their services.

Planning for succession in family businesses in developed countries is on the rise. Latest research and media reports on the importance of family businesses to their economies, and the growing importance of succession planning for the longevity of family businesses over generations, is facilitating the growth in demand for succession planning services. In addition, as developed economies account for a remarkable number of multi-generational family businesses, the rate of quarrels among family members has risen as well.

Topical research report “Insight Report: Running a Family Business” worked out by WealthInsight provides a shrewd look into family businesses as well as the part that wealth managers in leading developed and emerging economies play. It presents a deep analysis of key market trends, family business owners’ wealth, industry concentration, succession planning, and the role of wealth managers in family companies. The research publication also limelights novel market opportunities for wealth managers and individual bankers in the emerging and developed economies discussed.

Report Details:

Insight Report: Running a Family Business
Published: October, 2013 
Pages: 68 
Price: US$ 3,800.00

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