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11 Nov 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - The debt crisis in Europe impacted all member states and Finland is no exception. In 2013, for instance, its GDP shrank by over 1.35 percent demonstrating a profound impact of the crisis on the local economy.

The cards and payments industry suffered as well, with its growth being sluggish from 2009 through 2013. The industry growth is forecast to be impeded through 2018 following country’s entering its third recession.

However, the number of cards of circulation demonstrated growth over 2009-2013 in Finland: it amounted to more than 11.35 million in 2013, an increase by 0.8 million from 2009. The transaction value of payment cards almost reached EUR 57 billion in the same year, while its CAGR was approximately 3.3 percent from 2009 to 2013.

In 2013, card penetration reached 1.5 cards per inhabitant in the country, while frequency of use of payment cards almost reached 173 transactions per card. The frequency is expected to show quick growth in the upcoming years on the back of local reforms related to electronic options for small-value payments.

New insightful market research study “Finland's Cards and Payments Industry: Emerging Opportunities, Trends, Size, Drivers, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape” elaborated by Timetric provides access to a wealth of information on the cards and payment industry performance in Finland.

The study uncovers key facts and events related the industry; discusses payment instruments; contains card fraud statistics and data on card schemes. The report unveils current as well as forecast values for each category of the industry. It delves scrutinizes market attractiveness and areas of future growth; delves deep into market drivers and regulations; touches upon marketing strategies adopted by market players. An in-depth analysis of buying preferences and consumer attitudes; review of the competitive landscape and top players can be found in the research study too.

Report Details:

Finland's Cards and Payments Industry: Emerging Opportunities, Trends, Size, Drivers, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape
Published: October, 2014
Pages: 86
Price: US$ 3,995.00

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