Market Publishers Calls for Participation in the Transmission & Distribution Summit 2014

17 Oct 2014 • by Natalie Aster
Market Publishers Calls for Participation in the Transmission & Distribution Summit 2014

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd is honored to call for participation in the Transmission & Distribution Summit 2014, organised by marcus evans and expected to take place on November 2-4, 2014, in Nevada’s most populous city of Las Vegas, the USA.

Grid modernisation will create a more flexible grid notwithstanding major storms, whilst enhancing reliability, efficiency and power quality, as well as enabling clean and diverse distributed energy resources.

The 13th Transmission & Distribution Summit is a first-class forum drawing executives from the leading transmission and distribution companies together. Taking place behind closed doors, this invitation-only Summit offers an intimate atmosphere for a burning discussion of the key drivers shaping the industry.

By taking place in the conference the industry leaders will get a brilliant opportunity to network with one another and learn about present-day hardships and solutions in the transmission and distribution industry. Networking will include pre-scheduled 30 minute business meetings between vendors and executives. Other networking opportunities will be available during meals, coffee breaks and cocktail hours.

The attendees will comprise heads of power delivery, transmission, electrical operation, distribution, asset management and systems reliability.

Event Details:

The Transmission & Distribution Summit 2014
Date: 2-4 November, 2014
Venue: Red Rock Resort & Spa, Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA

The Summit's programme topics have been identified and validated by the transmission and distribution community as the paramount issues being faced by them.

Key themes for 2014 comprise:

  • Grid Modernisation – Transmission grid expansion; Smart Grid communications implementation; advancing the development and build-out of intelligent infrastructure which will boost America’s energy performance and the reliability of delivery systems.
  • Funding Transmission Projects – Dealing with the financing issues related to creating novel transmission projects.
  • Technology Upgrading – Outlining integrated technologies that improve operational efficiencies and meet the demand for more reliable and cleaner electricity.
  • Critical Assets Protection – Integrating cyber and physical security, carrying out compliance initiatives to achieve standards and regulatory readiness.
  • Energy Efficiency – Major conditions for attaining reliable, low-cost and sustainable power supply whilst decreasing the carbon footprint.
  • Regulatory Breaking Points – Observing the influence of regulatory actions on the electric energy industry.
  • Ageing Workforce Challenges – Knowledge preservation, knowledge sharing, re-estimating the approach to attracting and retaining highly-qualified personnel.

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