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Unique 50% Discount on All Reports by WMStrategy Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

18 Sep 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd is happy to announce a special 50% discount on all research reports worked out by Williams & Marshall Strategy (WMStrategy). The offer is valid until the end of October, 2014.

The list of discounted reports by WMStrategy includes but is not limited to:

Turkey: yeast market. July 2014. The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the Turkish yeast market with a detailed examination of the situation in the market in July, 2014. It presents an insightful overview of the market dynamics, delves deep into the market structure, gives data on the market performance and also contains a snapshot of the most important industry developments. In addition, the topical study grants access to extensive projections of the Turkish yeast market performance through 2018 …

Greece: honey market. July 2014. A comprehensive analysis of the Greek honey market landscape supplemented by a whole set of information on the domestic honey production, demand, exports and imports is provided in the research report. The study examines the market structure, touches upon the key factors shaping the market, touches upon the hottest industry issues, offers a detailed market assessment on the basis of product types and origin. Furthermore, the report outlines the market future growth prospects …

Greece: coffee market. July 2014. The report digs into the Greek coffee market scenario, describes the market dynamics, gives data on the foreign trade statistics and also characterizes the major market trends. Besides, the study provides a set of information on the national market performance, contains a summary of the recent industry developments and also features the competitive landscape. The research report discusses the major trends and concerns, reviews the key factors having influence on the development of the national coffee market and also gives forecasts through 2018 …

Poland: nuts market. July 2014. An all-round overview of the Polish nuts market along with data on the country’s nuts consumption and production is offered in the report. Furthermore, the study touches upon the major market growth limiters, drivers, threats and opportunities. It discusses the major market trends, reviews the key developments, features the competitive environment, outlines the future growth prospects for the Polish nuts market up to 2018 …

For a full list of WMStrategy’s research reports on offer, please click here.


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