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15 Sep 2014 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Breast cancer is very common amongst women in developing and developed geographies alike. The USA is the largest breast cancer screening marketplace globally. China is projected to maintain its second position in the years to come owing to a great number of breast cancer cases. Worldwide, the breast cancer MRI screening sector and breast cancer ultrasound screening sector are also posting y-o-y growth. The overall breast cancer screening is driven by the increase in global incentives for women’s breast cancer treatment, care, and awareness; a sharp hike in breast cancer worldwide; FDA’s reclassification of mammography equipment, among others. However, the market could be challenged by controversies about breast cancer mammography screening, perceived and sociocultural barriers for breast cancer screening in women in Asia.

Worldwide breast cancer screening population is poised to be just under 250 million by 2018-end. As of 2013, China has the biggest pool of patients, with the USA following after. Brazil, Japan and Germany hold the third, fourth, and the fifth position, respectively.

New report “Breast Cancer Screening (Mammography, MRI & Ultrasound) Market & Forecast – Worldwide” worked out by Renub Research offers a complete guide to the breast cancer screening market globally, besides providing separate comprehensive analytics for the top 20 countries. The report provides granular market segmentation, covering breast cancer mammography screening, breast cancer MRI screening and breast cancer ultrasound screening markets. It also gives an analysis of the worldwide screening population, thoroughly examines the overall breast cancer screening market and its key three segments, and provides breast cancer screening population share and market share analyses plus forecasts. The drivers of, and challengers to the overall marker’s growth are investigated and explained in detail, too.

Each of the 20 country markets are analysed from the following viewpoints:

  • The pertinent country’s breast cancer mammography screening population scenario and forecasts.
  • The nation’s breast cancer MRI & ultrasound screening population scenario and forecasts.
  • The national breast cancer mammography screening market plus forecasts.
  • The country’s breast cancer MRI screening market and forecast figures.
  • The nation’s breast cancer ultrasound screening sector and forecasts.

Report Details:

Breast Cancer Screening (Mammography, MRI & Ultrasound) Market & Forecast – Worldwide
Published: September, 2014 
Pages: 258 
Price: US$ 1,490.00

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