Market Publishers Calls for Participation in Smart Energy Analytics 2014 in London

12 Mar 2014 • by Natalie Aster
Market Publishers Calls for Participation in Smart Energy Analytics 2014 in London

LONDON – Market Publishers Ltd is extremely happy to call for participation in Smart Energy Analytics 2014, to be held March 26 and 27, 2014, in London, the United Kingdom.

The two day event, Smart Energy Analytics 2014, is aimed at drawing together key stakeholders seeking to talk over the adoption of big data analytics and management to optimise Business Intelligence.

The Conference attendees will comprise, amid others, providers of big data and analytics software, DSO’s and TSO’s, innovation and technology directors, utilities companies, technical  directors, IT architects, customer service/CRM executives, system engineers, asset and security managers, experts in metering and renewable energy, strategic project and smart grids managers.

Conference Details:

Smart Energy Analytics 2014
Dates: Wednesday 26 March 2014 - Thursday 27 March 2014
Location: London, the UK

Key themes to be raised at the Conference:

  • Market Forecast: Energy Data and Analytics 
  • Advantages of Big Data and Analytics: Smart Metering and Cloud Services
  • Energy Data Analytics and Management Business Skills
  • Applying Data Analysis to get to know your Energy Consumers
  • Adoption of Open Source Software in the field of Energy Analysis
  • Smart Home Controlling and Monitoring Devices    
  • Integration of Analytics Software in Energy Distribution
  • Innovative Solutions and Technologies
  • Intelligent Storage and Cyber Security Case Studies in Smart Grids

Smart Energy Analytics 2014 is destined to be a place where companies can get an unrivalled chance to obtain direct access to the senior-level public and have an enhanced level of visibility via networking and branding at the Conference.

Market Publishers’ registered customers are eligible for special discounts.

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