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01 Jul 2013 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – China’s swine output has increased from 610 million heads in 2006 to 660 million heads by 2011. Meantime, the proportion of scaled swine farming is growing gradually as well. The sales value of animal health products in the country has been increasing with an annual growth rate of 16% on average in the recent years. Currently, the annual sales value of swine bioproducts ranges RMB 1.8 to RMB 2.0 billion, accounting for more than 35% of bioproducts sales value and about a 7% share of the total animal health products market.

In-demand research report “China Swine Vaccine Market Analysis Report” drawn up by Beijing Shennong Kexin Agribusiness Consulting Co., Ltd (BSNABC) provides a detailed understanding of the swine vaccine market in China, examining the adoption situation of vaccines for classical swine fever (CSF), food-and-month disease (FMD), porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and pseudorabies (PR).

Key Topics Covered:

  • farms’ attitude towards whether to use these vaccines and whether to change vaccine brands; the adoption rates of each kind of vaccine; 
  • factors affecting farms’ vaccine purchase; farms’ satisfaction degree towards vaccines of different brands; 
  • buying prices, purchase channels and immunisation process of farms of different scales and farms in various areas; 
  • current market sizes of these vaccines in farms of different scales and farms in various areas, and the forecast on future market sizes in the next 5 years; 
  • market awareness of the vaccine enterprises; analysis of the current standing, product advantages and marketing situation of top domestic enterprises.

Report Details:

China Swine Vaccine Market Analysis Report
Published: January, 2013
Pages: 115
Price: US$ 8,800.00

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