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India Electronic Security Equipment Market is Untapped and Under-Served, States Kuick Research

21 Jan 2013 • by Natalie Aster

Traditional measures, like locks and extra doors are no longer enough even in the limited context of residential or domestic security. Nor do newer solutions like video door phone have the capability to address all facets of the ideal solution and this brings in the need for regular measures to be enhanced by an electronic security solution, both in monitoring and additionally providing an ‘appropriate response’. The security market in India has been a predominantly need based market and was not consumer-centric. However, the growing security threats have brought about a change in people’s perceptions and the need for security is now being seen as a preventive measure, which every company and household wants to go for with the result that more and more innovative and user friendly products are coming into the market. The electronics security industry broadly consists of security alarm systems (fire alarms, burglar alarms, etc), closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, A/V door entry systems, access control and video control systems, intrusion detection security products, network cameras, video encoders, etc.

According to the report “India Electronic Security Equipment Market Outlook 2016” by Kuick Research, among the end users the demand for security equipment is seen mostly from the residential, commercial and enterprise segments of the market, where the frequency and value of criminal activities and the resultant loss boosts the market. The irregular demand spikes happen during specific sporting, religious and social events.

Report Details:

India Electronic Security Equipment Market Outlook 2016
Published: January, 2013
Pages: 97
Price: US$ 700.00

The market and solution lines broadly consist of access control, surveillance, alarm systems, detectors, and x-ray systems.

The market for electronic security equipment in India largely untapped and under-served and there is a need for greater awareness and education about the need for security and the different products and their benefits. While this may make the task of the market players slightly difficult they stand to benefit from the opening up of the market into new user segments. This will only add to the fast growing market and vendors will need to find the right solutions, technology, market niche and price points to be able to make an impact in the electronic security.

We can see that the future in this market is pointing to integrated security solutions, created by integrating multiple systems, including video, intrusion, video analytics, fire, access control, HVAC, chemical and biological sensors, etc. Such systems would offer actionable intelligence and decision support to the organization. Despite various challenges the security market is poised to grow in India.

More information can be found in the report “India Electronic Security Equipment Market Outlook 2016” by Kuick Research.

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