Poland Imaging Diagnostics Market to be Worth EUR 201 Million in 2012, Expects PMR

17 Dec 2012 • by Natalie Aster

The market for imaging diagnostic equipment is likely to be worth PLN 882m (€201m) in 2012. Between 2012 and 2014 the market will grow by approximately 14% year on year on average, according to the latest PMR report, “Imaging Diagnostics Market In Poland 2012”. The main market drivers will be an increase in investment in the private sector, EU funds (with the exception of 2014, when the next part of the EU programme will be no longer operating) and a shift from treatment to prevention in public health policy. We estimate that the imaging diagnostics market will be worth more than PLN 1bn (€231m) in 2013.

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Imaging Diagnostics Market In Poland 2012
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Most substantial increase witnessed in the field of nuclear medicine

In 2009, the economic crisis and the high euro exchange rate obstructed orders for imaging diagnostic equipment on the private market but had no bearing on the public market (numerous purchases were funded from EU sources which were not affected by the crisis; there was a slight reduction in the number of items sold, with a simultaneous increase in sales value). This is why the market grew by 33% in terms of value at that time.

In addition to the drivers of growth described above, public spending on imaging diagnostics (diagnostic examinations refunded by the NFZ) affects the development of the imaging diagnostics market (a 15% increase in planned NFZ spending for 2012, in contrast to an increase of only 8% in 2011). The more the NFZ pays for examinations, the more optimistic, and the more willing to invest in the relevant equipment, the medical centres will be. In the next few years the market will develop at a slightly slower rate, although there will be a year-on-year change of more than 10%.

Among individual imaging diagnostic subgroups, the most substantial increase, almost 20% on an annual average basis, is expected in the arena of nuclear medicine examinations in the years 2012-2014.

Polish companies cautious about expansion

At present the vast majority of Polish diagnostic companies do not intend to expand their businesses into foreign markets, according to a survey carried out specifically for the purposes of this report. The main reasons given are:

  • the company’s products are already present on the foreign markets (one in nine companies which do not plan to expand) 
  • the company is focusing on improving its situation on the Polish market 
  • the company has exclusive rights only in Poland (the responses of distributors) 
  • the company is withdrawing from the diagnostic imaging market.

It is significant that the Polish market for diagnostic imaging equipment is based almost entirely on imports – Polish companies are not financially strong enough at present to compete with the global imaging diagnostic giants. Polish companies can exploit niches and compete only with such products on the foreign markets. In recent years the crisis and high euro exchange rate have impeded orders for imaging diagnostics equipment, and this might be another reason for the limited foreign expansion plans.

In addition, none of the companies surveyed intend to open a foreign branch in the next three years. Companies are planning significant increases in exports to Lithuania, Ukraine, and, more generally, the EU countries and the countries of Eastern Europe. Ukraine and Slovakia will be destinations for totally new exports from Polish companies (those which at present do not have any export activity).

Foreign expansion plans of Polish companies operating on the diagnostic imaging equipment market over the next three years (%), August/September 2012
Foreign expansion plans of Polish companies operating on the diagnostic imaging equipment market over the next three years (%), August/September 2012 

More information can be found in the report “Imaging Diagnostics Market In Poland 2012” by PMR.

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