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21 Nov 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Apparel in Russia. The Russian apparel market is still attractive to local and international companies as it demonstrates higher volume and value growth compared to Western European markets. This market has not yet reached saturation and the consumption of clothing and footwear per capital is low. The stable economic development of Russia and the potential growth in the size of the middle-class consumer base motivates local and international apparel companies to actively develop their business activities. Despite low incomes, Russians unlike Europeans are ready to spend money on apparel and do not tend to save money due to economic instability. This enabled market players to continue to spar for Russian apparel consumers.

The Russian apparel market continues its development using retail techniques that are well-known throughout the world. International companies have actively used sales, discounts and other promotional tools to sell old stock of fashion apparel. Almost all players with significant market share engage in discounting several times a year. In the current climate, discounts of up to 30-40% have not attracted consumers and companies have had to extend their discounts to 70%-90%. This level of discounting is most often seen among major shoe and apparel chained stores. Typically, products offering high discounts of over 50% or more, sell out much quicker in Russia.

Beauty and Personal Care in Vietnam. In 2011, despite the apparent economic downturns and high inflation rate, beauty and personal care continued to see strong value growth in all categories. Demand for beauty and personal care product was fuelled by increasing consumer awareness of beauty and personal appearance, and rising disposable incomes. Manufacturers continued to invest in extensive marketing campaigns and launch new products, which helped stimulate demand.

With living standards improving and disposable incomes increasing, more consumers turned to premium beauty and personal care products for their superior quality. This was especially apparent in colour cosmetics, skin care and fragrances, where the value of a brand derives not only from its quality but also from its brand image, and the association with status.

Beauty and personal care continues to be dominated by international players, which accounted for the bulk of value sales of both mass and premium products in 2011. The presence of domestic brands is very limited, with few prominent players, such as International Consumer Products in men’s grooming. International brands enjoy strong brand awareness and offer good product quality, with which domestic brands cannot compete.

Global Hotels: Value Creation Strategies. Despite seeing a slowdown in developed markets, the return of business tourism has helped keeping investments from leading chains like Marriott at home markets. This does not mean, however, that hotels are overlooking opportunities surfacing in emerging markets like Asia Pacific. Strategies adopted by leading hotel chains aimed at leveraging investments to create a strong base for future growth are highlighted in this report.

Marriott remained the absolute leader worldwide in 2011 with a 4.9% value share. Improved average daily rates and occupancies were the key to the further consolidation of its leading position in the global market.

Chinese hotels recorded the fastest value growth over the review period due to the increased dynamism seen in domestic tourism and growing demand for economy hotels in convenient locations throughout China.

A growing middle class and increased spending on travel and leisure in emerging markets have attracted the attention of leading hotels like Starwood and Hyatt in past years.

Despite the many opportunities present in emerging markets, domestic markets remain the focus of leading hotels, prompted by a more favourable business environment.

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