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China Hepatitis B Vaccine Vaccine Policies Continue Facing Difficulties, Says Huidian Research

26 Oct 2012 • by Natalie Aster

According to the National Serum Epidemiological Survey of Hepatitis B and the Related Diseases, hepatitis B surface antigen carrier rate of 1 to 59 years old group nationwide is 7.18%. Calculated at this data, there are still about 93 million hepatitis B surface antigen carriers in China. In May 2012, (24 O’clock of May 1st to 24 O’clock of May 31st, 2012), there were 113,147 reported morbidity cases and 56 deaths all over China.

Over the years, China has promulgated a series of policies on inoculation of hepatitis B vaccination. However, relative to the high carrier rate of hepatitis B patients in China, the supporting power of the national policies is not enough.

The new report “Analysis of China’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Industry, 2012-2016” by Huidian Research shows that there are still many problems in the implementation of hepatitis B vaccine policies, and the effect is not ideal. The main reasons are: firstly, the leaders of local governments and relevant departments do not pay enough attention to the importance and urgency of hepatitis B disease’s prevention and control work, especially in the remote and economically underdeveloped regions, the leaders of government and relevant departments did not give proper attention and policy guarantees to this issue; secondly, the serious shortage of funds investment influenced implementation of various measures, at present, only neonates can vaccinate free hepatitis B vaccine; thirdly, high medical cost results in a number of patients whose economic strength is limited cannot be treated in time; fourthly, lacking of standard diagnostic reduces the quality of hepatitis B epidemic disease reports.

Report Details:

Analysis of China’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Industry, 2012-2016
Published: September, 2012
Pages: 84
Price: US$ 1.900,00

More information can be found in the report “Analysis of China’s Hepatitis B Vaccine Industry, 2012-2016” by Huidian Research.

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