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Indian Car Rental Aggregator Market Analyzed in New Insightful UR Associates Report

17 Oct 2012 • by Natalie Aster

The car rental aggregator industry took off in 2010 when a large number of startup companies ventured into this business with a goal to alleviate the outstation and within the city commuting problem of people and corporates. It is a sunrise industry that has grabbed the attention of venture capital and PE firms with many startups attracting Angel and Series A funding. The car rental industry is a highly unorganized and fragmented market in India. It is a ubiquitous problem in India for people to get a good quality car at affordable rates for their outstation or full day city travel plans and for the car operators to ensure that the cars are well utilized to get good returns on their investment on the vehicle.

According to the report “Indian Car Rental Aggregator Market 2012 - Challenges and Growth Opportunities” by UR Associates, since the aggregators follow an asset light model, as they do not own the car, the entry barriers in this market are low. Hence, this industry is expected to witness many new entrants and face intense competition in the future. However, the companies which are early entrants in the industry and successful in establishing their brand value would have an edge over the companies that enter later and are more likely to be successful in this industry. Quality of service and scale of operations are imperative for the success of the companies.

Report Details:

Indian Car Rental Aggregator Market 2012 - Challenges and Growth Opportunities
Published: October, 2012
Pages: 55
Price: US$ 400,00

Key Highlights and Uniqueness of the Report

  • This report is the first report on this industry that has in-depth focus on the growth, challenges and potential risks. 
  • The report provides in-depth analysis of the business model and the revenue model of these companies. 
  • In order to aid investors, after in-depth analysis we have built the future industry financial estimates and growth in fleet size. 
  • We have also rated the companies on their popularity to judge the standings of the companies vis-a-vis peers. 
  • The report also contains our key suggestions to the industry.

More information can be found in the report “Indian Car Rental Aggregator Market 2012 - Challenges and Growth Opportunities” by UR Associates.

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