Cerium Oxide (CAS 1306-38-3) is Suitable for Glass, Optic & Ceramic Applications

05 Jun 2012 • by Natalie Aster
Cerium Oxide (CAS 1306-38-3) is Suitable for Glass, Optic & Ceramic Applications

Cerium oxide (ceric oxide, ceria, cerium dioxide, etc.) is an oxide of the rare earth metal cerium, with the molecular formula CeO2 and a melting point of 2600°C. Normally cerium oxide is produced by the calcination of cerium oxalate or cerium hydroxide. Technical grade cerium oxide is generally present as micro- or nanoscale white to light yellow powder. It is slightly hygroscopic, and also absorbs a small amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Most commonly, cerium oxide is used in ceramics, to sensitize photosensitive glass, as a catalyst and as a catalyst support, to polish glass and precious and semiprecious stones, in lapidary as an alternative to jeweller's rouge (also known as optician's rouge).

Cerium oxide has found use in infrared filters, as an oxidizing species in catalytic converters. Combined with other rare-earth metal oxides, it is also used in incandescent mantles, which leads to a considerably improved light yield of gas lamps.

A huge market for nanostructured cerium oxide is cleaning and polishing of silicon wafers, which are required by the electronical industry for ultra modern chip systems and solar cells. Nanostructured cerium oxide is also used as an oxygen-storing diesel additive in vehicle exhaust catalysts.

In fuel cells with other rare earth metal oxides coated cerium oxide particles are applied to improve the oxygen ion conductivity and so to enable reduced operating temperatures. Being an ideal UV absorber, nanostructured cerium oxide is also used as an additive in lacquers and coatings for wood preservatives to improve their UV stability.

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