CCTV & Surveillance Products Market in China Reviewed by Global Sources

05 Jun 2012 • by Natalie Aster

IP, high definition and intelligent technology will steer product development in China’s CCTV and surveillance industry in the years ahead. Enhancements along these aspects continue to fuel sales and raise manufacturing capability in the line.

China currently accounts for 27 percent of world supply and targets at least 25 percent growth in exports this year.

According to the report “Sourcing Report: CCTV & Surveillance Products” by Global Sources, IP and megapixel products will contribute significantly to the rising revenue of security cameras. NVRs and hybrid DVRs will be on the upswing as well, being the back-end systems of IP. Regular DVRs, and other traditional storage and recording devices will decline slightly due to the popularity of IP, as will CCTV transmission and switching products.

Report Details:

CCTV & Surveillance Products
Published: April, 2012
Pages: 57
Price: US$ 450,00

In the accessories category, lenses, housings, brackets and power supplies continue to be in demand.

Key findings of the report include:

  1. HD and intelligent surveillance platforms are driving the emergence of new segments such as content analysis and management software, embedded video analytics, and video surveillance as a service. 
  2. HD-SDI models will gain traction because of their capability to upgrade existing analog systems to higher resolution with minimal cost. 
  3. With IR LED technology nearing maturity, China makers are utilizing IR lasers for long-distance monitoring in the IR camera segment. 
  4. In line with the trend for HD surveillance, more DVR manufacturers are developing models that use the Sony Effio 960H solution, which is compatible with existing analog systems. 
  5. Companies are intensifying R&D on cloud storage to improve security, reliability and accessibility. A few manufacturers have introduced optional software services in their DVR products. 
  6. Although production expenses climbed by at least 8 percent in the past year, price increases will be limited mostly to the 5 to 10 percent level. Some enterprises may implement adjustments of up to 15 percent. 
  7. Major industry players are ensuring compliance with the technical specifications of the new A/V coding after China launched the national CCTV surveillance standard last year. Small and midsize makers, however, see this as another challenge.

More information can be found in the report “Sourcing Report: CCTV & Surveillance Products” by Global Sources.


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