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US Cat Population & Ownership Trends Discussed by Packaged Facts

11 May 2012 • by Natalie Aster

At the heart of U.S. pet industry (everything from veterinarians to pet couture) is the yin and yang of the market’s two major animal segments — cats and dogs.

In this all-new report «Cat Population and Cat Owner Trends» Packaged Facts focuses on the population of pet cats, cat owner demographics, and cat owner psychographics in the U.S. market. The report offers a present-day and historical analysis of cat owners, examining trends in this cohort's financial, household, regional, ethnic, and generational composition, as well as cat owner attitudes about advertising, the environment, health, and the internet.

Report Details:

Cat Population and Cat Owner Trends
Published: April, 2012
Pages: 70
Price: US$ 2.000,00

As with health and medical related psychographics and behavior, cat owners in general do not stand out as being inherently “green-friendly.” Nevertheless, marketers can take heart in the lack of significant disagreement with eco-friendly ethics. This points to opportunities to bring cat owners into the ranks of consumers purchasing eco-friendly and natural organic products. Whether that means getting them to buy natural pet sprays made with a combination of green tea/lime/citronella or pet beds made from 100% organic cotton, the potential is there. However, few products may resonate with cat owners as deeply as those made from recycled materials due to cat owners’ at least slightly above average favoritism of recycling across a range of psychographics.

More information can be found in the report “Cat Population and Cat Owner Trends” by Packaged Facts.

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