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Mobile Broadband Market Flourishes with Increased Attention & Recognition, According to Visiongain

07 May 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Mobile broadband is increasingly becoming a necessity for subscribers on a global scale. With ever increasing smartphone penetration rates and a host of new devices such as tablets, netbooks, MIDs and increasingly powerful smartphones the need for mobile broadband is at an all time high and is set to continue in demand and popularity.

The mobile broadband market is flourishing with increased attention and recognition by an ever growing number of businesses, governments, emergency services (Public Safety), and consumers. With the introduction of newer technologies such as WiMAX and LTE combined as 4G the mobile broadband industry is on the brink of significant growth. The value of the global mobile broadband market has been determined to reach $111bn in 2012.

Mobile broadband technologies are still relatively fresh in the market and have yet to reach their full potential. According to the report “The Mobile Broadband Market 2012-2017” by Visiongain, in the next five years the mobile broadband market will continue to expand on a global level, as an increasing number of businesses worldwide switch to mobile broadband networks in order to conduct daily business related tasks.

Report Details:

The Mobile Broadband Market 2012-2017
Published: April, 2012
Pages: 177
Price: US$ 2.642,00

The convergence of several factors such as cheap pricing plans and the emerging availability of LTE technologies mean that mobile broadband is on the verge of rapid growth. With many handsets already capable of using mobile broadband technologies, operators are poised to see an explosion in subscribers eager to move into the 4G era. Visiongain believes that by the year 2017, 4G LTE technology would act as a principal source to connect to mobile broadband in the developed world, whereas 3G shall be the prominent technology in developing countries.

This report features a detailed view of mobile broadband from the perspective of vendors and operators, enterprises and end users. Key supplier strategies and business models are also related in order to provide a sound basis of understanding of the current market. The reader will also find case studies and some specific analysis of key industry players and technologies.

More information can be found in the report “The Mobile Broadband Market 2012-2017” by Visiongain.

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