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N-Caproic acid (Hexanoic acid) (CAS 142-62-1) Demand is Improving Worldwide

03 May 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Hexanoic acid (commonly known as caproic acid), a 6-carbon fatty acid, is one of a series of similar fatty acids found naturally in animal fats and oils; or made synthetically (e.g. from the oxidation of octanol). This clear to light yellow oily liquid is insoluble to slightly soluble in water, with a melting point of -3°C and a flash point between 202-203°C. Hexanoic acid occurs as a free acid or salt, as well as in the form of an ester. The salts and esters of this acid are known as hexanoates or caproates.

The chemical formula for hexanoic acid is written as CH3(CH2)4COOH, and sometimes as C6H12O2. Hexanoic acid, along with the other two similar acids – caprylic (C8) and capric (C10), is present in significantly higher proportions in goat milk than in cow milk and is responsible for the characteristic goat-like odor.

The primary use of hexanoic acid is in the manufacture of its esters for artificial flavors, and in the manufacture of hexyl derivatives such as hexylphenols.

Hexanoic acid derivatives are inhibitors of the dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) enzyme and they are useful in the treatment or prevention of diseases in which this enzyme is involved – particularly in the treatment of type 2 diabetes and conditions associated with the same.

The demand for fatty acids, hexanoic acids in particular, is going up worldwide. The growth is driven by the increasing use of these acids as well as their derivatives as ingredients in environmentally improved versions of lubricants, paints and detergents. Ongoing consumer demand for natural ingredients in food, cosmetics and toiletries also supports gains.

N-caproic acid (hexanoic acid) market is covered in the study N-Caproic acid (Hexanoic acid) (CAS 142-62-1) Market Research Report 2012. The report encompasses proper description of the product, unveils application areas, and briefly summarizes patents in the sphere. It overlooks n-caproic acid (hexanoic acid) market situation, names manufacturers, suppliers as well as users. The report also provides current n-caproic acid (hexanoic acid) prices in the market.

More information on the n-caproic acid (hexanoic acid) market can be found in the report N-Caproic acid (Hexanoic acid) (CAS 142-62-1) Market Research Report 2012.


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