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New Medicine, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Research Studies by FirstWord Published at MarketPublishers.com

27 Apr 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand medicine, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology research studies by FirstWord have been added to its catalogue.

Tiered Pricing Strategies in Emerging Markets. How can tiered pricing be implemented in emerging countries with greatly disparate income levels? How can pharma both expand into emerging markets while providing access to affordable drugs? What are the ethical and corporate considerations in sustaining effective tiered pricing strategies? How will tiered pricing be affected as the focus increasingly shifts from communicable to non-communicable diseases? Answers to all these and many more questions are available in the report …

New Thinking in Patient Adherence. The research report reveals a shift towards a more holistic approach to the issue of patient adherence, and reviews innovative tactics being used to address compliance and persistence issues from pole to pole. It uncovers new ways of cooperation between top pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare stakeholders; as well as provides details on effective educational initiatives, and the very latest technological solutions, including smart pills and packaging, mobile applications, and remote monitoring …

Generic Defence Strategies: Targeting Patient Co-Pay. By 2017, coupons are projected to be associated with 30% of all US prescriptions. In addition to the impact on market share, advocates of “couponing” tout the benefits of making medications more affordable to patients, enabling them to receive and adhere to the most effective drug, not the cheapest. With strong opinions on both sides, what are the facts today, and how will the situation continue to unfold? All these questions and many more key issues are answered and addressed in the study …

Engaging KOLs: new thinking on thought leader development. KOLs play a vital role in the effective development and marketing of drugs and medical devices. However, restrictions are increasingly being imposed on the ways medical science liaisons (MSLs) and sales reps can access and engage with physicians. Featuring interviews with more than 30 KOLs and perspectives from 9 industry experts, the report explores the ways to clarify and measure the role of MSLs, and examines different approaches to managing the relationship between medical affairs and sales …

More new studies by the publisher can be found at FirstWord page.


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