Different Countries Nuclear Power Markets Examined in New Taiyou Research Reports Published at MarketPublishers.com

19 Apr 2012 • by Natalie Aster
Different Countries Nuclear Power Markets Examined in New Taiyou Research Reports Published at MarketPublishers.com

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand Taiyou Research reports on nuclear power markets in various countries have been added to its catalogue.

Nuclear Power Market in United Kingdom. Following the Fukushima accident, according to the UK government’s nuclear policy, a new planning regime was proposed by to aid the installation of nuclear reactors as well as other significant new infrastructure projects such as railways, large wind farms, reservoirs, harbors, airports and sewage treatment works. The report offers a comprehensive guide to the nuclear power industry from a global perspective with a special focus on the nuclear power market in the UK ...

Nuclear Power Market in Belgium. Belgium currently has seven nuclear reactors generating more than half of its electricity. Nuclear energy provides 54% of the country's domestically-generated electricity, about 46 billion kWh per year gross. In 2010, net nuclear electricity production was estimated at 45.7 billion kWh. The study offers a complete analysis of Belgium’s nuclear power market, covering the installed capacity and generation, nuclear facilities and region, regulatory policies and framework, top players and competitive scenario with business viability …

Nuclear Power Market in Belarus. So far, Belarus does not have any nuclear power plant, with most of its energy producing plants being gas fired. The country imports as much as 90% of its gas supplies from Russia and overall aims for 25-30% energy independence, compared with half that now. The study draws up an elaborate picture of the global and in particular, Belarusian nuclear power sector, featuring all the key market information, competitive landscape with major company profiles and forecasts …

Nuclear Power Market in Armenia. Armenia's government faces renewed questions from those who say the fateful combination of design and location make Metsamor among the most dangerous nuclear plants in the world. The report examines the nuclear power industry in Armenia through a market profile, industry statistics, installed capacity and generation analysis, the impact of the Fukushima crisis, nuclear reactor technology, operating and upcoming nuclear reactors in the country, regulatory framework, R&D in the industry, and industry competition …

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