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Infusion Pumps Industry Analysed by Visiongain

10 Apr 2012 • by Natalie Aster

The traditional gravity controlled infusion pumps have been used extensively. The electronic infusion pumps have also been available in the market since long, but only beginning to see increased adoption. The use of infusion pumps is advantageous for the healthcare providers as well as the patients specifically for conditions such as diabetes, delivery of analgesics in cancer patients or post-surgery, delivery of chemotherapy drugs and enteral feeding in patients with feeding disorders. As the technology becomes more advanced, the infusion pumps are becoming smaller in size, wireless, and more convenient to use. Combined with the ability of the infusion pumps to deliver precisely measured dose are the right intervals, the infusion pumps allow the patients to carry out their normal activities, and reduce the hospital stay and visits. The global infusion pumps market is expected to be worth $9.5bn by 2016.

New report «Infusion Pumps: Technology and Market 2012-2022» report by Visiongain covers the trends in the infusion pumps market, a promising segment of the drug delivery sector.

It forecasts the size and value of leading national/regional markets: North America, Europe, Japan, India and China. For each of these, Visiongain identifies prevailing trends and strategies that will steer this emerging technology over the forecast period. The use of infusion pumps is still more prevalent in the developed regions of North America and Europe, essentially owing to the fact that the infusion pump technology is expensive when compared to the competing technologies. The cost of insulin pumps is covered under Medicare in the US and through private insurance in Canada. However, there are huge opportunities for infusion pump manufacturers in the developing economies of India and China where the use of electronic infusion pumps is limited at present. The report discusses the future technological development that will make the infusion pumps more attractive to the patients and drive their adoption.

Report Details:

Infusion Pumps: Technology and Market 2012-2022
Published: February, 2012
Pages: 140
Price: US$ 2.642,00

Infusion Pumps: Technology and Market 2012-2022 also examines the challenges facing the sector critically, including the high cost and safety issues. The report is developed through a comprehensive review of information sources, both primary and secondary.

More information can be found in the report “Infusion Pumps: Technology and Market 2012-2022” by Visiongain.

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