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2012 Shale Gas Leading Companies Reviewed in New Visiongain’s Analysis

26 Mar 2012 • by Natalie Aster

Over the last five years, shale gas has become a major new source of natural gas supply to the US market, the largest gas market in the world. Over this time, both gas production and capital investment into shale development have grown considerably; bring this market once dominated by small private companies into the global spotlight.

Currently the North American gas market is seeing a period of substantial oversupply as booming production coupled with unmatched demand leave a glut of gas on the market. As constraints in the natural gas market become increasingly restrictive, competitive positioning becomes ever more vital for further business development.

The “The 20 Leading Companies in Shale Gas 2012: Competitive Landscape Analysis” by Visiongain examines the positioning of the major players in the market by creating a market share analysis of the 20 largest companies by capital expenditure on shale gas in 2011. The leading companies are compared by market share, shale plays, shale gas acreage, proportion of their business focused on shale gas, and the expected change in expenditure from 2011 to 2012. A forecast for 2012 expenditure on shale gas development is also made, introducing new players to the top spending group as the better positioned companies show their advantages. A SWOT analysis of each of the companies is also included, providing a short to mid-term outlook for each of the leading 20 companies.

Report Details:

The 20 Leading Companies in Shale Gas 2012: Competitive Landscape Analysis
Published: March, 2012
Pages: 144
Price: US$ 2.642,00

This report has been compiled by combining information obtained from a wide and rich mixture of primary and secondary research sources, producing a broad industry overview. Visiongain directly contacted the top companies in the shale gas market, liaising to confirm capital expenditure data and operational information in order to underpin market share calculations and analysis. The study also draws on a broad and diverse range of official corporate announcements and presentations, media reports, policy documents, industry statements and consultation as a basis or calculating the market share and analysing the direction of the shale gas market in 2012.

More information can be found in the report “The 20 Leading Companies in Shale Gas 2012: Competitive Landscape Analysis” by Visiongain.

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