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Cutting-Edge Euromonitor International Market Reports Most Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

16 Mar 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new cutting-edge market research reports by Euromonitor International have been added to its catalogue.

Global Small Appliances: Industry Overview and Future Hot Spots. Economic volatility is tempering growth in small appliances globally as recovery is shaky and the threat of deterioration clings. However, opportunities for growth still exist. Emerging markets will continue to drive growth as higher incomes change the perception of “essential” in certain categories, while the sheer size of key developed markets means growth in absolute terms. Further industry details and market dynamics information is featured in the report …

Regional Overview: Consumer Health Trends in Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific continues to deliver a wealth of growth prospects for consumer health companies and organisations. A large consumer base and untapped demand for self-care options create significant expansion opportunities for domestic, regional and multinational companies. However, regulatory hurdles, patent litigation and east versus west cultural differences pose important challenges to gaining access to the largest region in the world. The report offers a deep-looking review of the industry, consumers and the trends and developments …

Cigars: Deepening Polarisation Between Premium and Mass. Squeezed between economic and legislative constraints, the cigar category has struggled to find growth in developed Western markets, but emerging markets such as China offer good prospects, leapfrogging established markets in terms of value sales. General highlights include the shift to cheaper cigarillos as cigarette substitutes and innovation towards shorter variants of large cigars to coincide with the trend towards shorter smoking times brought about by public smoking bans. Detailed cigars market analysis and review of the trends, developments and forecasts is presented in the study …

Beverages in Consumer Foodservice: What You Drink Is Who You Are. In a global competitive environment where complexity and competition grow by the day, beverages have emerged as a vital component in every operator’s strategy toolbox. The new report examines the many ways beverages can drive sales, branding and customer experience, extending and deepening the consumer connection, for operators both large and small …

Consumer Lifestyles in Tunisia. In the aftermath of the political revolution of early 2011 Tunisian consumers have been facing somewhat extraordinary and exceptional pressures. Rapidly rising prices, particularly for food, have affected household budgets and have led to many consumers tightening their belts and changing their shopping habits. Tourism, long the mainstay for income and jobs, has declined significantly.

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