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12 Mar 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand China's Economy & Policy-Gateway International Group articles on Chinese markets have been added to its catalogue.

Internationalization of the RMB: Current Status, Existing Challenges, and Future Steps. The volatile fluctuations in the major international currencies caused by the international financial crisis, and the changes in the patterns of international economic governance, have significantly expanded the demand for the Chinese currency. More key relevant data can be found in the article …

Promoting Industrial Restructuring with Outward Foreign Investment. Last year, outward foreign direct investment (ODI) by domestic Chinese investors from non-financial industries involved a total of 3,391 foreign enterprises in 132 countries and regions worldwide, with a cumulative investment value of USD 60.07 billion. Making some proposals on optimizing the industrial structure, the article discusses the relationship between ODI and industrial restructuring and measures to promote industrial restructuring by developing ODI …

Restructuring and Optimizing the Financial System in China. Through ongoing economic and financial reforms, China has gradually improved the structure of the financial system, but, compared with the developed market economies, there are still defects in some areas. The paper provides principles guiding financial restructuring and measures for financial restructuring …

Long Term Challenges for the Chinese Economy and Priorities for Macro-control Policies. With the increasingly complex nature of the international and domestic environments, the challenges confronting China’s economy are set become more prominent throughout the near term. Therefore, the general direction of macro-control policies needs to be reformed, and the fundamental contradictions in the country must be actively addressed. The paper discusses future challenges for the Chinese economy as well as offers recommendations for macro-control policies …

Countermeasures to Improve the Interbank Market in China. Recently, there have been two entirely different views about the development of the banking sector in China. The article proposes macro-policies and specific measures for furthering the reform of China’s banking sector, including countermeasures to improve the interbank bond market, the interbank foreign exchange market, the interbank derivatives market, as well as countermeasures to improve the interbank gold market …

More new articles and other studies by the publisher can be found at China's Economy & Policy-Gateway International Group page.


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