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09 Mar 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – Cyberwarfare is the current single greatest emerging threat to national security. Nations worldwide place cyberwar at the forefront of their defence planning, and provision of government cyber solutions is the single greatest growth market in the defence and security sector. The rising importance of cyber warfare in today’s world is especially noticed after the formation of the US Cyber Command or USCybercom by the highest defense spender worldwide. Moreover, the cyber attacks in South Korea, the US, Estonia and Georgia last year, add credence to the growing expenditure on global cyber warfare systems. Beyond that, defense systems must be built to detect and counter these attacks, making cyber warfare systems essential tools for maintaining an advantage in modern conflicts.

New report “The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021” drawn up by iCD Research provides true and unbiased insights into the global cyber warfare market’s development over the following decade.
global cyber warfare market size and drivers; as well as an insight on the spending pattern and modernization pattern in different regions of the world;
recent development and industry challenges;
SWOT analysis of the global cyber warfare market;
global cyber warfare market-country analysis;
details of the major programs in each market segment expected to be executed during the forecast period;
competitive landscape and strategic insights.

Report Details:

The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011–2021
Published: February, 2012
Pages: 149
Price: US$ 4.800,00

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