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China Bio-pesticide Industry Analyzed in New CCM Chemicals Report Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

23 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – With people’s rising awareness of environmental protection and food safety, China’s bio-pesticide industry has been witnessing fast and sound development in the past decades. Due to their low toxicity and quick decomposition, bio-pesticides are considered as eco-friendly and easy to be used.

Having intense competition with chemical pesticides, bio-pesticides have taken up almost 10% of the market share. At the end of 2010, there were approximately more than 2,500 registered bio-pesticide active ingredients and 250 products. Abamectin is the largest bio-pesticide nowadays, with its output reaching a huge record high in China. Thanks to the expansion of application on fried crops, the demand for abamectin is increasing rapidly in recent years.

New research report “Market Analysis of Bio-pesticide Industry in China” drawn up by CCM Chemicals provides an in-depth understanding and detailed analysis of the bio-pesticide industry in China.

Key Report Topics:

  • up-to-date data on bio-pesticide industry in the past years, including supply, export, price, demand, and more; 
  • production technology level; 
  • leading players and emerging products of bio-pesticide industry in China; 
  • volume and value of demand for bio-pesticides in 2008-2010, as well as the consumption structure by crops; 
  • development status and influencing factors including drivers and barriers; 
  • future trends and the position of bio-pesticide industry from a global perspective; 
  • commercial opportunities of China’s bio-pesticide industry under the context of the new global economy situation; 
  • SWOT analysis of top 5 domestic bio-pesticides players.

Major bio-pesticides covered include: abamectin, bacillus thuringiensis, matrine, azadirachtin, pyrethrins, heliothis armigera NPV, jingangmycin, bacillus subtilis, polyoxin, kasugamycin, bacillus cereus, agricultural antibiotic 120, gibberellic acid.

Report Details:

Market Analysis of Bio-pesticide Industry in China
Published: May, 2011
Pages: 74
Price: US$ 7.560,00

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