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Chinese Fruit, Vegetable Juice & Beverage Market Profile Now Available at Marketpublishers.com

20 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON – The juice production industry in China has experienced substantial growth in the past decade, together with China's whole beverage manufacturing sector. The proportion of fruit juice beverages consumed in China has been growing as growth of carbonated soft drink slowed down due to market saturation and health concerns. Large volumes and varieties of readily available fruit and vegetables in China, and increasing household incomes have contributed to the rapid expansion of the industry.

Updated research report “China Fruit & Vegetable Juice & Beverage Market Review & Outlook Proposal 2010/2011” elaborated by Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant offers an in-depth perspective on the Chinese fruit (vegetable) juice and beverage industry, detailing the following issues:

  • fruit (vegetable) juice and beverage benefit margin development in 2011; 
  • potential growth in China fruit (vegetable) juice and beverage demand in 2011; 
  • security abilities of the upstream raw material supply chain of China’s fruit (vegetable) juice industry in 2011; 
  • cost-benefit of the processing and marketing of China’s fruit (vegetable) juice and beverage enterprises in 2011; 
  • development strategy of China's leading companies in 2011; 
  • future prospects for China’s fruit juice market under the policy environment, raw materials security, market demand, cost-benefit and other constraints.

Report Details:

China Fruit & Vegetable Juice & Beverage Market Review & Outlook Proposal 2010/2011
Date: February, 2011
Pages: 161
Price: US$ 2.000,00

More updated and new market research reports by the publisher can be found at Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant page.


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