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02 Feb 2012 • by Natalie Aster

In-Home Displays for Energy Management - Market Analysis and Forecasts to 2020. Introduction of mandatory plans by governments to deploy IHDs with smart meters will lead to growth in the global IHD market. In the US and in European countries the market is expected to grow after smart meter deployment. In the absence of a mandate, consumers tend not to be willing to buy IHDs, which can be expensive. As a result, the uncertain global IHD market could be due to a lack of mandatory policies from regional governments. The mandatory installation of IHDs is required in order to motivate consumers to save money on energy bills.

Largest deployment of IHDs at present is in the UK market, and this is expected to continue until 2016. The UK IHD market is currently contributing 30%-50% to the global IHD market and is expected to continue to be a market leader in future IHD deployment. The mandatory installation of smart meters will drive the market for IHDs in the UK, as the deployment of smart meters includes the installation of IHDs. The UK IHD market is expected to increase steadily from 2014-2016.

Smart Grid Market and Technology Outlook - Industry Trends and Competitive Analysis. In the past few years, smart grid technology witnessed huge support from governments across the globe. Various policy incentives are being offered by governments to encourage smart grid development. Investments, grants and demonstration projects have also increased in recent years. The number of mergers and acquisition activities is the smart grid space has risen due to the growing interest of vendors in this sector. Due to this investment in smart grids, the market is expected to rise during the period 2011-2016.

Power transmission and distribution loss, and carbon dioxide emissions, are the major issues related to the current power grid infrastructure. Governments across various regions have realized the importance of the potential benefits associated with the smart grid technology, and are increasingly viewing smart grids as strategic infrastructure investments that will enable them to achieve long-term economic prosperity.

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