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Updated In-Demand Studies on Electric & Hybrid Vehicles by IDTechEx Recently Published at MarketPublishers.com

20 Jan 2012 • by Natalie Aster

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new market research reports by IDTechEx have been added to its catalogue.

Range Extenders for Electric Vehicles 2012-2022. We are in the decade of the hybrid electric vehicle despite the fact that most off road and underwater vehicles are pure electric. About eight million hybrid cars will be made in 2022, each with a range extender, the additional power source that distinguishes them from pure electric cars. The study focuses on the range extenders for all these purposes - their evolving technology and market size. Key developers, manufactures and integrators are profiled and ten year forecasts of the different types of electric vehicles are presented …

RFID in Russia, CIS, Baltic States 2012-2022. The study analyses RFID supply and use in Russia and 15 surrounding countries. As Russia has larger present and future demand than all the others put together and, unlike the other countries, it is a world leader in some aspects and seeking to be a world leader in others. Russia is already global leader in use of RFID ticketing and seeks to become leader in postal RFID use. The supply, use and potential of RFID in the reviewed countries stand in the focus of the study …

Hybrid And Pure Electric Cars 2012-2022. Electric vehicles are penetrating the market rapidly to constitute 35% of the cars made in 2025 - probably 25% hybrids, 10% pure EV but pure EV may be winning by then. Any motor manufacturer without a compelling line up of electric vehicles is signing its death warrant. The report looks closely at the hybrid and electric cars market. This all-embracing study gives the future in the context of the past including the mistakes and inspired moves for over 100 years …

Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2012-2022. In a huge change in mix in the electric vehicle market and therefore the electric motor market, the small EV motors become a mere 25% of the electric vehicle motor market value in 2022 as the big vehicles, and therefore big motors, become very successful. The report offers an insightful and comprehensive discussion and factual analysis of the ongoing developments in the industry. It covers all the market segments and foresees the future of the market through 2022 …

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure. Electric vehicles are hugely increasing in number and most will have a plug in feature to save money and the planet. Charger market value will increase more than fivefold over the decade but car charging grows much faster and other vehicle charging peaks The study covers the full picture of how electric vehicles by land, water and air will be externally charged and gives out comprehensive forecasts through 2021 …

More new and updated market reports by the publisher can be found at IDTechEx page.


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