Various Countries Fertilizer Markets Reviewed in New Global Report Package Published at

19 Dec 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Various Countries Fertilizer Markets Reviewed in New Global Report Package Published at

LONDON – The global agrochemical market is expected to witness rapid growth, driven by increasing population and decreasing land availability, the use of agrochemicals in the production of biofuels, which are rapidly gaining in importance over traditional petroleum-based fuel.

Fertilizers offer nutrients that are essential for proper crop growth, as these fulfill the nutritional deficiencies of the soil, providing crops with nutrients that aren’t naturally available in appropriate amounts. Nitrogenous fertilizers command a large market share of more than 46%, but have a comparatively low growth rate. Phosphatic fertilizers have a lower market share but a higher growth rate due to the increase in production by major players. Organophosphate pesticides are expected to have high market share and growth potential. This is mainly because of the wide range of chemicals under this class, including glyphosate, diazinon, and chlorpyrifos.

New research report package “Fertilizers - Global” worked out by Global Research & Data Services encompasses 54 fertilizer market analyses from a broad range of countries. Each analysis gives a deep overview of the current situation, developments and future outlook of the fertilizer market in the respective country. Each review covers total market value and volume for fertilizers from 2004 till 2010, market value and volume for fertilizers by type. Market forecasts through 2016, overall country overview, macroeconomic and key doing business indicators in each pertinent country are also provided.

Fertilizer types covered in the report include: animal and vegetable fertilizers, fertilizer mixtures, nitrogenous fertilizers, phosphatic fertilizers, potassic fertilizers.

Report Package Details:

Title: Fertilizers - Global
Published: January, 2012
Price: US$ 22,625

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