Worldwide PC and software sale profit margins drop

20 Jun 2010 • by Natalie Aster

According to a report released by Barnes Reports and entitled Worldwide Computer & Software Stores Industry, profit-shrinking trend in PC and software sales in large countries will prevail for 2 years (profit growth rate drop varies from 3% to 10% a year).

Despite universal trend, America remains the world’s leader in selling PCs and software. Profit breakdown is as follows: $23.3bn in 2004, $22.4bn in 2005, $21.4bn in 2006, $20.1bn in 2007 (forecasted), $19bn in 2008 (forecasted).

Japan ranks second in profitability of this sector (Japanese revenues account for 61.3% of the US gains in the PC market). Profit breakdown (specialized shops): $15bn in 2004, $14.7bn in 2005, $13.3bn in 2006, $12.4bn in 2007 (forecasted) and $11.3bn in 2008 (forecasted).

Germany holds the third place with 28.8% of the US market. Profit breakdown (specialized shops): 7.5bn in 2004, $6.3bn in 2006, $5.8bn in 2007 (forecasted), $5.2bn in 2008(forecasted).

The annual report Worldwide Computer & Software Stores Industry analyses the state of the PC and software market in 45 countries. This report also provides the most current and accurate information on sales, employment, number of establishments in the sector; it gives sector’s development forecasts and its 5-year trend analysis.

Marina Kulikova

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