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Global Geographic Information Systems Market 2010-2014

28 Nov 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Geospatial Information Systems is a set of software and tools used to interpret the geographic or geospatial data captured with the latitudinal and longitudinal measurements of the earth. The GIS functions with support of satellites. It digitizes the geospatial data while receiving it and processes (store, interpret, analyze and manipulate) the received data and presents it with respect to the application and purpose for which it is used.

GIS is widely used in the Americas and Europe. Both government and private organizations are currently using the GIS applications for a wide range of purposes. The demand for GIS solutions is also increasing in developing countries like India and China. As infrastructure is still in the planning stages in these countries, GIS continues to be in the implementation stage. GIS technology is being included in educational curriculum by developing countries in an effort to develop highly skilled resources in GIS technology.

Though the US economy is slowing down, the GIS market is gaining pace in the global market with increased interest from developing countries, especially in the APAC region. Moreover, governments in these developing countries are also using GIS applications to build infrastructure. Thus, developing countries are driving the market for the global GIS market.

Lack of awareness about these solutions has slowed down the growth of this market. In few cases, even the governments do not have proper methodologies to promote and create awareness about GIS technologies.

The GIS market will be seeing a positive growth curve despite the challenges and hurdles it has to overcome in the near future. GIS technologies are also witnessing developments in open source technologies and cloud based services which further drives the growth of this market.

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Global Geographic Information Systems Market 2010-2014
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Market Landscape

The GIS market consists of a wide range of players catering to different segments. The market primarily consists of companies who provide GIS services and solutions. Only a few companies offer core GIS technologies. On the other hand, some GIS companies build their own solutions and services over these GIS engines. Thus the GIS market is dominated by specialized players and large IT companies (like IBM and Microsoft) are absent from the list of leading GIS players.

However, these large IT companies like IBM have alliances with leading players like Intergraph (acquired by Hexagon AB) and ESRI for GIS technology in order to cater to the growing GIS market.

Market Forecast

The GIS market size was $ xxx billion in 2010 and is expected to reach $ xxx billion in 2012 and $ xxx billion by 2014 growing at the rate of xxx percent (CAGR). This rapid growth in the GIS market will come from adoption of GIS technology by the automotive, consumer electronics, manufacturing and the mining industries. Governments of developing countries have also played a major role in adoption of this technology and will contribute significantly to the growth GIS market in the coming years.

Market Share by Geography

Developed countries in the Americas contribute the maximum to the global GIS market. These countries were the first to use this technology, and they contribute close to xxx percent of the market share. The countries in the Americas had experienced early development in terms of economy and technology.

UK, Germany, Sweden and France were some of the early adopters of this technology. EMEA contributes to xxx percent of the global GIS market. African countries like Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria apart from South Africa play an active role in the GIS market. They use GIS for serving the public through Red Cross; prevent female harassment and abuse, and provide emergency support.

Developing countries in the APAC region like India and China hold a market share of about xxx percent. The rising demand for GIS systems and solutions in these markets might increase the market share.

More information can be found in the report “Global Geographic Information Systems Market 2010-2014” by Infiniti Research.

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