New Global Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service Now Available at

22 Nov 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Global Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service Now Available at

LONDON – The mobile industry comprises almost 2% of the global GDP. The mobile telecommunications sector currently accounts for nearly USD 1.3 trillion in global revenue as subscriptions rise exponentially.  An explosion in data usage through smartphones and other next-generation mobile devices represents a key driver of the mobile industry, bringing in about USD 300 billion worldwide.

Global data usage growth has already led some telecommunications providers to rein in or terminate their previously unlimited data plans as worldwide demand continues to climb unabated. According to estimates, around 48 million people in the world have mobile phones while lacking electricity at home. Over 7.1 billion mobile-connected devices will be in use by 2015, nearly one mobile device for every person on the planet. As a result, the mobile industry will likely soon account for an even larger slice of the global GDP pie.

New database “Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service” elaborated by Signals and Systems Telecom has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Database Details:

Title: Worldwide Cellular Networks and Handsets Research Service
Published: September, 2011
Price: US$ 5,000.00

The database provides true and unbiased insights to the global telecommunications and mobile devices market incorporating industry trends, regional policies and demographics. It includes information ranging from niche details of handset models to tracking of large network infrastructure contracts and cellular network operator metrics.

An annual service subscription includes delivery of the following reports and associated databases updated on a quarterly basis:

More new databases and market research reports by the publisher can be found at Signals and Systems Telecom page.



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