“Hair Products - Global” Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

17 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
“Hair Products - Global” Now Available at MarketPublishers.com

LONDON – Within hair care, there is a growing trend towards individualized, 'for me' products that either care for or repair hair. New product launches and extensions now cater to a wide array of consumer needs: sun protection, sensitive, anti-ageing, dandruff, hair loss, strengthening, moisturising and anti-frizz. Consequently, more specialized ingredients are being incorporated into hair care formulations. For example, UV filters are becoming more prevalent in shampoos and conditioners to help protect the hair from the damaging effects of the sun – a trend that first surfaced in skin care. Conditioning agents such as dialkyl quats, monoalkyl quats and silicones are also gaining ground in hair care as consumers seek more conditioning products outside traditional conditioners, including shampoos with conditioning benefits.

The world market for hair care products is expected to witness an upward trend in years to come, with the Middle East representing its most significant and growing segment.

New research report package “Hair Products - Global” developed by Global Research & Data Services incorporates 64 hair product market analyses from a wide range of countries. Each analysis gives an overview of the current situation, developments and future outlook of the hair product market in the respective country. Each review covers overall market value and volume for hair products, market value and volume for hair products by type (lacquers, shampoos, straightening and waving products, other hair products). Market forecasts up to 2016, overall country overview, macroeconomic and key business performance indicators in each respective country are featured as well.

Report Package Details:

Title: Hair Products - Global
Published: November, 2011
Price: US$ 26,901

Report Packages Covering Hair Product Markets are also Available Region-Wise:

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