Biofuels Market Reviewed in Most Recent Research Report Published by

13 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Biofuels Market Reviewed in Most Recent Research Report Published by

LONDON – During the period of 2010-2011, the biofuels market gained increased interest as the price of oil rose rapidly, resulting in many developed countries reconsidering their energy policy and significantly decreasing their imports of oil. On the other side, policy makers were promoting production and consumption of biofuels, through a series of tax credits and incentives. Even though the production of biofuels is still mainly concentrated in US, Europe and South America, regions such as Asia, Africa and the Middle East have also witnessed boost in biofuels production in recent years.

New research report “The Biofuels Market 2011-2021” worked out by Visiongain provides a comprehensive understanding of the global biofuels market and how it will develop over the next decade. It presents detailed market forecasts for the 7 leading regional markets with further market analysis for the 18 top national markets. Profiles of 20 leading companies along with in-depth analysis of the opportunities and challenges faced by these firms throughout the world are also included. Furthermore, the review examines the main industry technological changes, evaluates market drivers and restraints as well as offers granular SWOT analysis.

Report Details:

Title: The Biofuels Market 2011-2021
Published: September, 2011
Pages: 169
Price: US$ 2,664

Report Contents:

1.1 The Biofuels Market Overview
1.2 Summary of Biofuels Trends
1.3 Summary of Drivers and Restraints of the Global Biofuels Market
1.4 Global Biofuels Market
1.5 Emerging Regional Biofuels Markets with Growth Opportunities
1.6 Regions with Moderate Growth Biofuels Markets
1.7 Biofuels Policy

2.1 Types of Biofuels
  2.1.1 Ethanol
  2.1.2 Palm Oil
  2.1.3 Jatropha Plant
  2.1.4 Advantages of Using Jatropha Curcas
  2.1.5 Cellulosic Ethanol
  2.1.6 Algae Fuel
  2.1.7 Challenges for Algae Oil
  2.1.8 Biodiesel

3.1 Global Trends in Biofuels
  3.1.1 Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Financing for Biofuels
  3.1.2 Rising Prices of Imported Oil Encourages Biofuels Production
  3.1.3 Increasing Regulatory Support
  3.1.4 Increasing Contribution of Developing Countries in Promotion of Biofuels
  3.1.5 Climate Change Standards
  3.1.6 Technological Progress
  3.1.7 Investment in Jatropha
  3.1.8 Algae Biofuels Commercialization
  3.1.9 Rise of Aviation Biofuels
  3.1.10 Oil Companies Diversifying into Biofuels

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