Most Recent Report on Leading Edge Technologies for Textile Finishing Published by

07 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Most Recent Report on Leading Edge Technologies for Textile Finishing Published by

LONDON – Today’s consumer is more finicky than ever, demanding enhanced aesthetics and comfort in apparel, as well as higher levels of protection, performance and easy care properties. To compound the problem, consumers are spending less on apparel – choosing to spend their disposable income on healthcare, electronics, education, and travel and leisure. Thus, it is more important than ever to innovate. Recent developments in fabric and garment finishing technologies are spicing up commodity products.

The development of unique fabric and garment finishes comes with a host of challenges. Finishes must be durable during the fabric finishing process, stable in the presence of other chemicals, wash-fast, and evenly and consistently applied. Moreover, they also need to be financially feasible and environmentally friendly.

New research report “Leading Edge Technologies for Textile Finishing” worked out by Textiles Intelligence has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Leading Edge Technologies for Textile Finishing
Published: September, 2011
Pages: 45
Price: US$ 910.00

Starting with a coverage of challenges faced by the overall textile finishing sector, the report moves on to the detailed and all-encompassing analysis of eight types of textile finishing technologies as well as novel methods of applying them.

Types of textile finishing technologies covered in the report include: antimicrobial technology, biotechnology, inkjet application technology, microencapsulation technology, nanoscale technology, plasma technology, self-cleaning finishes and softening technology.

Companies featured in the report include: AB Enzymes, Aegis Environments, Alexium, Arch Chemicals, Autofoam Systems, Celessence, Clariant, Cognis Deutschland, Dow Corning Corporation, DuPont, DyStar, Gaston Systems, Genencor, Huntsman Textile Effects, Nano-Tex, Novozymes, Outlast Technologies, P2i, Quest Fragrances, Quick-Med Technologies, Royal Ten Cate, Rudolf Chemie, Schoeller Technologies, Speciality Textile Products, Sympatex, Tanatex Chemicals, Thor Group, Vlisco, Wacker Chemie, Xennia, and Zschimmer & Schwarz Mohsdorf.

Report Contents:


Challenges faced by the textile finishing sector

Approaches to enzyme engineering
Natural sources
Genetic engineering
Major producers of enzymes for textile applications
Major applications of enzymes in textile wet processing

Dyeing and printing
Enzyme technology products and systems available from leading manufacturers

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