Brand New Report on Mobile Social Networking Now Available at

06 Oct 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Brand New Report on Mobile Social Networking Now Available at

LONDON – The mobile social networking user base, currently accounting for approximately 1.1 billion worldwide, is set to grow at 11.8% CAGR over the next five-year period to reach over 1.9 billion users. This huge market has many dynamics of monetization, user habits, fierce competition and localized trends dictating its development.

Mobile social networking is very attractive for marketers because it creates a unique context in which to promote their goods and services. It goes beyond simply linking people with digital content by adding the immediacy of sharing with friends – a very powerful marketing proposition. However, trying to monetize mobile social networking with classic banners or text links may prove difficult.

New market research report “Mobile Social Networking 2011-2016” drawn up by Visiongain has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Mobile Social Networking 2011-2016
Published: August, 2011
Pages: 124
Price:US$ 2,461.00

The newly published report gives true and unbiased insights into the rapidly growing market of social networking on mobile devices, providing a detailed breakdown of all of the facets of the sector. The study features, in particular, growth forecasts, market sizing as well as the latest trends and developments. It also dissects all the major geographical markets, in terms of revenue generation and user groups, which are in turn broken down by means of monetization and demographics. The review is supplemented with granular five-year forecasts illustrating the likely future development of the market under consideration.

Report Contents:

E.1 Social Networking Permeates the Mobile Category
E.2 The Growth of the Global Mobile Social Network Market
E.3 The ICT Industry’s Largest OTT Mass Market
E.4 Enabling Monetisation Opportunities for Developers and Content Providers
E.5 Overcoming Barriers for Established Mobile Players

1.1 The Unprecedented Success of Mobile Social Networking
1.2 The Aim of this Report
1.3 The Scope of this Report
1.4 Key Partners
1.5 Key Questions Answered by this Report
1.6 The History of Mobile Social Networking

2.1 Key Drivers for Mobility in Social Networking
2.2 Key Barriers for Mobility in Social Networking
2.3 Smartphones: The Ultimate Social Networking Platform
2.4 The Effect of Fixed/Mobile Convergence on Social Media
2.5 Mobile Social Networking Penetration
  2.5.1 Mobile Social Networking by Age
2.6 Key Players in Mobile Social Networking
  2.6.1 Twitter Twitter’s Advertising Revenue Growth Forecast of Twitters Continued Advertising Revenue Growth
  2.6.2 Facebook Facebook Statistics Defining the Average Facebook User
  2.6.3 Foursquare
  2.6.4 eBuddy
  2.6.5 Digg
  2.6.6 LinkedIn
  2.6.8 MXit MXit’s Success in South Africa
  2.6.9 Orkut
  2.6.10 iTunes Ping
  2.6.11 Instagram
  2.6.12 MySpace MySpace Music Possible Acquisition of MySpace MySpace Mobile
  2.6.13 Brightkite Brightkite as a Tool for Business
  2.6.14 Gowalla
  2.6.15 Bebo
  2.6.16 Itsmy
  2.6.17 Meffy’s Solutions for the Low Cost Handset Market
  2.6.18 Google +
  2.6.19 Shopkick
2.7 Comparison of Analysis for Key Mobile Social Networking Players
2.8 Successful Mobile Social Networking in the Enterprise
  2.8.1 Security Risks of Social Networks for Enterprises
2.9 Local Search Booms in 2011

3.1 Opportunities for Mobile Device Vendors
3.2 Opportunities for Mobile Service Providers
  3.2.1 Mobile Social Networking Strategies could be an Answer
  3.2.2 How are MNOs using Mobile Social Networking to Their Advantage?
3.3 Opportunities for Mobile Application Developers
3.4 Freemium Mobile App Models in Mobile Social Networking
3.5 Monetising Social Media through Direct Response Marketing
3.6 Game Play in Mobile Social Networking
  3.6.1 Scoreloop & CSL
  3.6.2 Mobage & Android
3.7 Trends in 2011- Monetisation Techniques
  3.7.1 Using Social Networks for Business Promotion
  3.7.2 Monetising Social Gaming
  3.7.3 Tapjoy
  3.7.4 The True Size of Mobile Social Gaming
3.8 Paid Apps on the Rise
3.9 Social Media and Mobile Business
3.10 The Popularisation of Web 2.0 in Mobile Social Networking
3.11 Advertising Revenues in Mobile Social Networking
3.12 Facebook, Google+ and the App-Based Mobile Social Networking Solution
  3.12.1 The Importance of Developers to App-Based Mobile Social Networking


More new research reports by the publisher can be found at Visiongain page.



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