Decrease in Traditional Energy Reserves and Strong Government Support to Boost Indian Biomass Market

28 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster

Mumbai – Due to the decreasing reserves of coal, biomass sector is poised to grow. Biomass market in India is growing steadily as new initiatives are being taken and investments start flowing in. Additionally, the government is giving various incentives and subsidies to promote the usage of biomass power. These measures can go a long way if the gap in demand and supply needs to be bridged and India has to attain energy security.

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Biomass Market in India 2011

Published: September 2011
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Market Overview – Biomass:

  • Although the potential of biomass sector in India is huge, very little of it has been tapped so far;
  • Biomass market is further likely to assume importance as India imports the bulk requirements of petrol and coal;
  • Bio?energy is obtained from biomass primarily through the techniques of direct combustion and gasification;
  • Biomass power is of strategic importance to India as India produces about D mn tons of biomass per year;
  • Apart from biomass power being an important source of energy, it can also provide job opportunities especially in the rural areas. In many cases the farmers with the help of local groups have developed wasteland for energy crop plantations.

Market Size and Potential (20--)

Estimated Growth in the Market


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