“US Bearings Market” and Other New Reports by Taiyou Research Recently Published by MarketPublishers.com

22 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
“US Bearings Market” and Other New Reports by Taiyou Research Recently Published by MarketPublishers.com

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand Taiyou Research reports have been added to its catalogue.

US Bearings Market. The bearings market in the US was facing a slowdown for almost 5 years and reported a revenue loss of a huge $7.6 billion. Nevertheless, the market today is expected to expand by 3% year-on-year through 2015. The growth will be backed up by sales of high-value, large diameter bearings used in wind energy and heavy equipment markets.  The study offers all key details and in-depth analysis of the US bearings market. Statistical analysis of the US bearings industry, demand and supply data, trends, import and export scenario, technological developments are covered along with insightful marketers’ profiles and future projections …

Offshore Oil and Gas Industry in Bulgaria. Bulgaria has no valuable quantities of oil production. The country is regarded as net importer of oil and gas. However, Bulgaria possesses a strategic position on the Black Sea which made it a significant transit point for Caspian Sea oil exports that are heading towards European refineries. The study covers an overall profile of the oil and gas industry in Europe, an analysis of the offshore oil and gas industry in Bulgaria, that features production, cumulative production, offshore remaining production of oil and gas, production wells, offshore drilling of wells, offshore oil and gas expenditure in Bulgaria, and the market share of the major players in the country …

US Cement Industry. USA ranks third among the top manufacturers of cement in the world following China and India. As cement consumption is dependent on the time of year and prevalent weather conditions large swings in cement and clinker (unfinished raw material) inventories at cement plants suffer seasonal swings. US cement industry is regional and customers traditionally purchase cement from local sources. The study covers key features of the cement industry in USA, offer a deep insight into the statistical data, factual information on major market metrics and provides detailed market forecasts …

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