Benetton Group SpA Focuses on R&D According to BAC Report

19 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Benetton Group SpA Focuses on R&D According to BAC Report

LONDON – Benetton Group values R&D activities high – the company has it’s own research centre engaged in development of new styles, materials and technologies. The priority is given to high-quality natural fabrics and innovative materials as they add quality and reduce costs to apparel.

Here are some recent R&D invents. New lightweight liquid hanger made from wood have 100% biodegradability and recyclability. They will allow to reduce plastic materials presence in Benetton retail shops by 600 tons. These innovative hangers were invented in partnership with the University of Fraunhofer.

Partnership with another ally company, Civen Nanofab, brought Benetton new innovative woolen knitwear of various colors. New wool is lighter and has fine quality, meeting today’s market demand. Clothes made from of new colored cashmere are so light they can be worn in spring or even summer, which is a good attracting feature for all knitwear lovers.

Benetton has collaboration agreements with various Universities and research laboratories around the globe. To name some of them: Shima Seiki (Japanese textile machinery factory), Huntsman (global chemical company), Clariant and Dystar (both specialize in dyeing of yarns and fabrics).

Benetton Group recent financial performance is stable. Q1 and Q2 2011 reflect a decline in sales, which is due to business seasonality. Q2 revenues amounted to EUR 453.1 M, net incomes dropped to EUR 10.2 M. sales are expected to go up in Autumn and Winter seasons.

FY 2010 financial results were not perfect, but company’s CEO called them stimulating. Revenues were flat (0.2% up) and net incomes decreased by 16%, equaling EUR 2053.1 M and EUR 102.1 M respectively. Most profitable region appeared to Asia (+14.7%), with its rapidly recovering and developing economy. North America was just behind Asia with its revenues up 14.5%. European region, on the contrary, showed sales falling by 3% (Italy made the largest contribution to this result).

Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Treviso (Italy), Benetton Group engages in manufacture, distribution and marketing of fashion apparel made from cotton, wool, and woven fabrics. The apparel is sold under 6 major brands: United Collors of Benetton, Playlife, Killer Loop, Sisley, Sisley Young, United Colors of Benetton Kids. The Group has representatives in 120 world counties. In 1986 Benetton made an IPO on the Milan and Venice stock exchanges. In 1989 the company entered NYSE.

All the details on the company’s business, performance, prospects can be found in the report “Benetton Group SpA Fundamental Company Report Including Financial, SWOT, Competitors and Industry Analysis” recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: Benetton Group SpA Fundamental Company Report Including Financial, SWOT, Competitors and Industry Analysis
Date: Sep, 2011
Pages: 86

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