The Latino Household Products Shopper

15 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster

With a population of 51 million that accounted for more than half of the growth of the American population in the past decade, Latinos continue to expand their influence in the American consumer market.

The report “The Latino Household Products Shopper” by Packaged Facts shows how Latinos have an especially significant impact on the market for household products. Latino households spend more than any other population segment on laundry and household cleaning supplies. In the past decade their spending on these products grew at a rate that was nearly three times faster than that of other households. On average, Latino households are 40% larger than other households, and they are much more likely to use high volumes of a broad range of household products.

Experian Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS) data analyzed in “The Latino Household Products Shopper” demonstrate that Latino shoppers are a prime audience for marketers of household products. For example, they are less likely to select store brands and more likely to buy national brands for most categories of household products. Yet, Latino shoppers are highly discriminating in their purchasing decisions. The data also reveal that some national brands resonate exceptionally well while others underperform in Latino households.

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The Latino Household Products Shopper

Published: September 2011
Pages: 128
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Report Sample Abstract

Fabuloso Brand Earns Latino Loyalty

XXXXX the best selling brand of household cleaners, is used by XX% of Latino households, a percentage that is about the same as the percentage of households on average. XXXXX, the second most popular brand of household cleaners, is found in XX% of Latino households.

XXXX of the XXXX top brands of household cleaners perform about as well in Latino households as in households on average. The exception is Fabuloso, a Colgate brand, which has achieved exceptionally high penetration of Latino households in comparison to households on average. Fabuloso is used by XX% of Latino households. Compared to households on average, Latino households are more than XXX times as likely to use Fabuloso and comprise XX% of all households using the brand.

More information can be found in the report “The Latino Household Products Shopper” by Packaged Facts.

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