Updated Simba Information Research Reports on US Markets Published by MarketPublishers.com

13 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Updated Simba Information Research Reports on US Markets Published by MarketPublishers.com

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that updated in-demand Simba Information reports on US markets have been added to its catalogue.

Publishing for the PreK-12 Market 2011-2012. The report presents in-depth analysis of the highly competitive U.S. school market, covering the dynamics that impact the types of instructional materials, tools and services most in demand in the sector. It features such data as market size by media segment, drivers of segment growth, impact of emergent technologies, exclusive textbook adoption information, leading publishers by market segment, analysis of landscape metrics (funding, policy and enrolment), the impact of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. In addition, market segment projections through 2014 as well as profiles of leading providers of instructional materials and services are also contained in the study ...

Trends in Trade Book Retailing 2011. The research gives valuable data on trade book retailing in the US, analyzing who is purchasing books, what and where they’re buying, as well as providing a detailed overview of the main channels, how their market share is trending, and what outside factors are impacting each. The four channels — bookstores, the Internet, book clubs, and “other” are ranked by the estimated number of customers, what formats they buy, and how many titles the consumers purchase and how things are trending in each channel. The study also gives a demographic overview of the average consumer. Channel and leading booksellers’ profiles, conclusions and recommendations can also be found in the review ...

More updated and new publisher’s market research reports can be found at Simba Information page.



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