Most Recent Research Report on Oil Shale Market Published by

08 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
Most Recent Research Report on Oil Shale Market Published by

LONDON – Having been considered uneconomic for most of the 20th century, the oil shale industry is currently sparking great interest due to high oil prices, improved extraction technologies, and increasing energy demands. Thus some countries are presently seeking to establish major domestic oil shale markets. According to estimates, the world oil shale market, defined in terms of spending on new infrastructure and upgrading of existing oil shale facilities plus spending on R&D, will reach $2.88 billion in 2011.

New market research report “The Oil Shale Market 2011-2021” elaborated by Visiongain provides in-depth examination of the oil shale market over the next ten years. It presents granular market forecasts for each of the top national markets and features thorough analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing companies in the oil shale industry from pole to pole. Furthermore, assessment of the most essential technological developments within the oil shale sector in terms of their impact on the market growth over the long-term as well as analysis of various market drivers and restraints can also be found in the review.

Report Details:

Title: The Oil Shale Market 2011-2021
Published: August, 2011
Pages: 157
Price: US$ 2,461.00

Report Contents:

1.1 The Oil Shale Market Overview
1.2 Drivers and Restraints in the Oil Shale Market
  1.2.1 Drivers in the Oil Shale Market
  1.2.2 Restraints in the Oil Shale Market
1.3 Highlights of the Report
1.4 Benefits of the Report
1.5 Methodology
1.6 The Global Oil Shale Market Forecast 2011-2021
1.7 The Leading National Oil Shale Markets Forecast 2011-2021

2.1 History of the Oil Shale Industry
2.2 Oil Shale and Shale Oil
2.3 Oil Shale Extraction Methods
  2.3.1 Mining and Above Ground Retorting Process
  2.3.2 In-Situ Retorting Process
2.4 Oil Shale Resources
2.5 Oil Shale Production

3.1 The Global Oil Shale Market Forecast 2011-2021
3.2 Recent Developments in the Global Oil Shale Market
3.3 Global Oil Shale Market Drivers and Restraints 2011-2021
3.4 Global Oil Shale Market Drivers
  3.4.1 Substantial Oil Shale Resources
  3.4.2 Oil Price Forecasts
  3.4.3 Technological Improvements
  3.4.4 Desire for Energy Security

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