China Sourcing Report: Footwear

08 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster

China suppliers of footwear have a positive outlook on export sales in the months ahead. Many anticipate doubledigit gains as orders from traditional markets rebound and emerging economies increase consumption of shoes, boots, slippers and sandals.

The optimistic projection is supported by recent customs statistics. Shipments in the line from January to May 2011 amounted to approximately $14.3 billion, posting a YoY growth of 22 percent.

Fifty-five percent of the aggregate revenue came from North America and the EU. The Asia-Pacific region contributed 15 percent to overseas sales.

Businesses are employing several product-improvement measures to boost competitiveness and ensure that target returns are met. Most initiatives aim to enhance visual appeal and performance.

The report “China Sourcing Report: Footwear by Global Sources covers the major products of China’s footwear industry, namely slippers, flip-flops, and casual, dress, sports, work, safety and occupational shoes and boots. Each category has its own section discussing design trends specific to the line. The segments also detail the features and prices of low-end, midrange and highend models.

Key findings:

  1. The cost of commonly adopted materials, including genuine and synthetic leather, cotton and polyester, is expected to remain high in coming months. Workerrelated outlay is also unlikely to decline. As a result, companies will be raising prices during the next half-year.
  2. Besides soaring disbursements, the local footwear industry is facing competition from up-and-coming hubs in Asia. These manufacturing centers are attracting clients through low labor rates. Anti-dumping restrictions in several markets are hindering growth as well.
  3. Various steps are being taken to ensure designs meet the stringent safety requirements of key shipping destinations. Inputs are checked for colorfastness, and azo, formaldehyde and heavy metal content. Finished products also undergo testing.
  4. Manufacturers are turning out more eye-catching styles to attract purchases. Models for informal occasions adopt fabric uppers that complement apparel trends. New rain boots and safety shoes resemble casual and athletic footwear. Vivid colors and patterns are popular, particularly in women’s variants.
  5. Improved usability is highlighted in recently launched specialty pairs. Dance shoes boast better support and flexibility, while sports releases emphasize enhanced shock absorption and water resistance. Wellness sandals are currently gaining ground.
  6. North America and the EU will be the key export destinations for the majority of suppliers.

Report Details:

China Sourcing Report: Footwear

Published: August 2011
Pages: 87
Price: US$ 350.00

Report Sample Abstract

Supplier profiles: China Suntime Industry and Trade Co. Ltd

Locally owned China Suntime ships all of its footwear output abroad. Products consist of slippers, fl ip-fl ops, and casual, dress, sports, work, occupational and safety shoes and boots.

North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region are the key markets. Last year’s exports in the line amounted to $2.9 million. This was 95 percent of the aggregate sales.

The company’s Putian, Fujian province-based factory utilizes 33 percent of capacity and turns out 50,000 pairs each month on average.

China Suntime allots $150,000 to R&D annually. It plans to raise capital investment by up to 50 percent in the year ahead. Overseas revenue is projected to climb 10 to 20 percent during the period.

More information can be found in the report “China Sourcing Report: Footwear” by Global Source.

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