New India and US Chemicals & Petrochemicals Markets Reviews Published by

07 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New India and US Chemicals & Petrochemicals Markets Reviews Published by

LONDON - Market Publishers Ltd informs that new in-demand Taiyou Research reviews on India and US chemicals and petrochemicals markets have been added to its catalogue.

Petrochemicals Industry in India. The report provides the global, regional and country analysis of petrochemicals industry covering its current state and future likely development. The special focus of the study is India’s petrochemical sector. It includes market profile and size, the total installed capacity of petrochemicals in India, major petrochemical complexes in the country segmented by state and according to performance, the installed petrochemical capacity, petrochemicals consumption in India by end use sectors, market share of major industry players. The review provides market segmentation, data on mergers and acquisitions, thorough industry SWOT analysis, regulatory framework, forecasts …

Polyurethane Market in the US. Polyurethane polymers (PUR and PU), similar to the other plastics, are widely used across a number of industries such as construction, electronics, and packaging. Forecasts say the US market for PURs is most likely to witness a rapid growth in years to come. The report provides true insights into the US market for polyurethane. It presents the demand for polyurethane segmented according to products, offers market segmentation. The review also analyzes market trade, trends, and structure, as well as the technological developments in the industry. In addition, the research profiles top market players through a company overview, evaluation of business segments, presence in the market, and a detailed SWOT analysis …

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