New Report “Labeling Markets: European Market Study & Sourcebook 2011” Now Available at

05 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Report “Labeling Markets: European Market Study & Sourcebook 2011” Now Available at

LONDON – New market research report Labeling Markets: European Market Study & Sourcebook 2011provided by AWA Alexander Watson Associates offers an exceptional full review of the European market by label format, material, and technology, with focus on the hanging structure and developments in this industry. The study highlights materials, conversion technologies, application methods, and end uses for all label formats. The key labeling technologies — pressure-sensitive, glue applied, sleeving, and in-mold — are reviewed along with forecast growth for each. Moreover the European label market is segmented by application category, end-use market, and regional geographical market.

Report Details:

Title: Labeling Markets: European Market Study & Sourcebook 2011
Published: August, 2011
Pages: 347
Price: US$ 4,800

Report Contents:

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Methodology
1.3 Definitions


3.1 Product Decoration & Identification Technologies
3.2 Global Label Market
3.3 Market Size – Europe
3.4 Labeling Market Value Chain & Segmentation
  3.4.1 European Label Market Value Chain
  3.4.2 European Label Market Segmentation Application Category End Use Segmentation
  3.4.3 European Label Market – Geographical Segmentation
3.5 Label Technology Selection

4.1 Pressure-sensitive Labeling
4.2 Pressure-sensitive Label Market Structure & Value Chain
  4.2.1 Pressure-sensitive Label Market Structure
  4.2.2 Pressure-sensitive Label Market Value Chain
4.3 Pressure-sensitive Label Markets
  4.3.1 Pressure-sensitive Label Market Segmentation Pressure-sensitive Label Market Application Category VIP Label Applications Primary Product Label Applications Functional & Security Label Applications Promotional Label Applications Pressure-sensitive Label End Use Markets Pressure-sensitive Label Regional Markets
4.4 Pressure-sensitive Label Materials
  4.4.1 Pressure-sensitive Label Face Materials Paper Facestock Film Facestock Specialty Materials Facestock
  4.4.2 Adhesives
  4.4.3 Release Liners
4.5 Pressure-sensitive Label Market Trends

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