New Report “Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential” Published by

01 Sep 2011 • by Natalie Aster
New Report “Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential” Published by

LONDON – Following the election of President Dilma Rousseff this year, Brazil has shown readiness for encouraging long-term foreign investment in the pharmaceutical industry. Though three critical path priorities to ensure investment flows into the country have already been set, there remain serious concerns, with price setting, the ‘big stick’ of the compulsory licenses, burdensome tax laws, slow product approvals and linguistic barriers being the key issues. Competition from government-favoured generics and a high volume in illegally-traded drugs, which represent 25% of all pharmaceuticals sold, are also among complicating matters.

The new report “Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential” elaborated by FirstWord provides a clear insight into, and offers a compelling overview of Brazil’s pharmaceutical industry, examining health care responsibilities and the role of the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to consumer trends, the latest patent protection issues, the role of generics and ongoing battle over intellectual property. The study is supplemented with interviews with experts, financial comparatives and updates from multinationals in the region.

Report Details:

Title: Market Access Brazil: Unlocking Pharma Potential
Published: July, 2011
Pages: 38
Price: US$ 795.00

Report Contents:

Executive Summary
The Brazilian pharmaceutical market
  Healthcare provision
  Health sector responsibilities
    Principal pharmaceutical patent legislation
  Patent protection
    Pharmaceutical patent applications (Jan 2001-Jan 2011)
  Accessing the Brazilian pharmaceutical market
Trends in the Brazilian pharmaceutical market
  Prescription Data for Brazil, 2009/10
  Pharmaceuticals in Brazil, User Profile
    Pharmaceutical Production in Brazil by Type of Capital, 2010
  Intellectual Property
    Estimated Market Shares of the Top 10 Pharma Companies in Brazil, June 2011
  Licensing agreements
    Measures to ensure the legality of medicines in Brazil
    Interview with Marin Osorio, Senior Secretary, Ministry of Health
  Price control
    New reimbursement legislation
    Multiple trade marks
    The ’Pipeline Mechanism’
    Investing within a protectionist environment
  Establishing a presence in Brazil
  The Brazilian market in comparative perspective
    Pharma sector competitive infrastructure index in Latin American markets (June 2010)
    Latin American pharmaceutical market sizes: Estimates and forecasts, 2009-14
    Latin American agreements influencing Brazil’s pharma industry
Company Updates
  The Brazilian pharmaceutical market: Some recent deals
  Bristol-Myers Squibb

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