“Cloud 2011: Moving into the Realm of an Essential IT Strategy” Published by MarketPublishers.com

25 Aug 2011 • by Natalie Aster
“Cloud 2011: Moving into the Realm of an Essential IT Strategy” Published by MarketPublishers.com

LONDON – Forecasts say the world market for cloud computing will witness growth from $30.6 billion in 2011 to $82.9 billion by 2016. The business segment tends to adopt more different aspects of cloud services to benefit from the numerous advantages offered in software, platform and infrastructure. Cost-savings, scalability, adaptability to market demands, faster time-to-market and flexible payment methods are attracting large enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses into the cloud.

New market research report “Cloud 2011: Moving into the Realm of an Essential IT Strategy” elaborated by Visiongain provides deep comprehension and a holistic view of the relatively new and rapidly growing global cloud market and advises on the advantages and benefits of the different deployment models and service offerings. The market is broken down into understandable segments, enabling a more all-embracing look at the current offers and the different vendors. Case studies and examination of the different issues and risks relating to cloud services are incorporated in the study as well.

Report Details:

Title: Cloud 2011: Moving into the Realm of an Essential IT Strategy
Published: July, 2011
Pages: 133
Price: US$ 2,461.00

Report Contents:

E.1 Cloud Computing - New Concept Using Existing Technology
E.2 Driving Enterprise IT Migration
E.3 Risks Barring Adoption
E.4 A Maturing Provider Landscape
E.5 Successfully Leveraging the Cloud for SMBs
E.6 Points Emerged from this Research

1.1 Business Problems With Traditional IT
1.2 The Emergence of the Cloud
1.3 Harnessing Computational Power
  1.3.1 Grid Computing
  1.3.2 Utility Computing
  1.3.3 Virtualisation
  1.3.4 Service Oriented Architecture
  1.3.5 Autonomic Computing
1.4 Defining the Cloud
1.5 Cloud Computing Architecture
1.6 Types of Cloud Computing Services
  1.6.1 Software as a Service
  1.6.2 Platform as a Service
  1.6.3 Infrastructure as a Service
1.7 Cloud Deployment Models
1.8 Aim & Scope of the Report
1.9 Questions Answered By the Report
1.10 Structure of the Report
1.11 Methodology

2.1 Benefits of Cloud Computing
  2.1.1 A Flexible and Dynamic Infrastructure
  2.1.2 Focusing on Core Competencies
  2.1.3 Driving Innovation

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